Mission Statement

Here at Lipstick Prophets our goal is to provide a quality development and manufacturing option in America.  Made in America once stood for quality, craftsmanship and artisanship.  This is something that has been lost due to offshore manufacturing options forcing to close our best rooms.  The balance of hitting margins while still providing beautiful garments has been skewed, clothing lines wanting to have designer quality are forced to make in Italy, France and Japan.  Lipstick Prophets is a new fashion business model based on old standards – quality and pride are paramount.
Our ideal clients are the ones who want well made garments that can- and DO hang next to big name luxury brands.
Lipstick Prophets pays a living wage to all its workers, has aggressive training opportunities so it’s workers can find growth within the company.  We also are fully licensed and LEGALLY work on garments(License #GA-153261-1).   There are very strict contractor and manufacturing laws for Los Angeles which come with high insurance costs and extra taxes. Garment workers are protected by these laws but many shops do not comply to keep costs down.  Designers who choose to work in an illegal shop risk their garments being confiscated by the task force.
Lipstick Prophets pricing is labor based.  This means the garment’s price is based on the TIME it takes to make it.  Quality can not be rushed, cutting corners is the recipe for disaster- therefore we make sure to take the needed time for each style.  Prices do not fluctuate with larger quantities because the same skill and time goes into 1 as does 500.
Lipstick Prophets has a LARGE quality control team.  1 person for every 3-4 people sewing.  This team inspects each garments SLOWLY checking/trimming/ making sure we have 100% QC for our clients.  This means damages and RA’s do not come from sewing ,quality, or stains.  We have trained and worked very hard for this.
In Lipstick Prophets designers find a home for making TRUE high end garments. American made. Let’s change things people!